Women Entrepreneurship: Sustaining Income Generation for Women

This entrepreneurship model run by women associated with KMM is a good option for women keeping in minds the needs and problems of the area. Since health, nutrition along with livelihood is important components resilience to climate change. It is a commendable initiative of GPSVS to involve marginalized women in the process of economic development. In its initial few months, the effort has produced more than 7195 KG of various products which is altogether a good beginning. The involvement and participation of women is encouraged to increase in future course of time. While discussing with women members of KMM, one of its members suggested that the raw material for this entire process should be purchased from the farms of the women members of KMM, this will not only increase the income of the KMM member, but GPSVS will also get quality organic material. KMM owned Business has been running by the KMM members and they have setup all the grinder machine for spice production. KMM & PSS and other women groups members prepared business plan to start KMM Spice business. At the beginning stage, KMM women groups members have started three types of Spice – Coriander, Turmeric and chili but as per the market survey and demand of the community people, KMM decided to explore more spice like Goram Masala, Basan, Panch Foran, Jeera Sabut, jeera powder, Shukha Mirch pouch. 3-4 KMM members were directly involved in the spice processing and 25 women were involved in spice selling process. Overall KMM members actively involved in all-round grinder process, raw materials purchasing process, powdered spices, measuring and packing the powders into packets that was delivered to the many small shops and individual households in their own village and other nearby ones.