Ghoghardiha Prakhand Swarajya Vikas Sangh (GPSVS)

GPSVS was structured in the year 1977 in a meeting of Gandhian social workers and was formally registered under Societies Registration Act- 1860 (XXI) on 11th July 1978 bearing No.78. The organization started with the organization of Gram Swarajya Sabhas (Village Councils) and Mahila Mandals (Women’s group) with representation of every section of society in it. It had separate wings such as youth, Women, Bhoodan Farmers etc. to address their appropriate needs. After the formation phase the organization carried a massive Programme of awareness generation, which was followed by other pro-poor development activities with the support of local communities and some support agencies.


Philosophy of the Organization

GPSVS has been inspired by the philosophy of Gandhi, Vinoba and Jayprakash Narayan. The values of total revolution Sangthan (Organization), Shikshan (Education), Rachana (Development) & Satyagrah (Non -violent struggle) are at the ethos of the organization. The organization believes in the society in which moral revolution constitutes a significant part.

Geographical areas of operation

Core concentrated area in Madhubani, Darbhanga, Supaul, Purnia, Saran Districts and working in Muzaffarpur, Samastipur, Saharsa & other districts of Bihar.


Mission and Vision

The organization has vision of Gram Swarajya (Village Sovereignty) based on the Gandhian Principle of Equity, Justice, tolerance and Ahimsa (Non -Violence).

GPSVS mission is to develop people's conscience to live in harmony with nature and high moral values, tolerance to all faiths, compassion and non-exploitation of the fellow beings and achieve dignity, self-reliance, equity and above all people's sovereignty.

Aims & Objectives Key Objectives of the organization:

  • Formation of People’s organization (for women and youths) and strengthen the capacity of marginalized community for sustainable development
  • Promote local resource building, leadership and effective management of Community Based Institutions.
  • To organize campaign for right based and people’s centered advocacy
  • To develop the socio-economic condition of the poorest of the poor (Antyodayee)
  • To enable and ensure the basic rights of marginalized community & Person with Disability.
  • To provide Quality Elementary Educational and vocational training facilities for the children, adolescents & Women.
  • To preserve the cultural heritage and indigenous skill of the area.
  • To ensure gender equity
  • To provide Reproductive & Community Health care services including HIV/AIDS & Eye care
  • To build and strengthen livelihoods of farm, non-farm & livestock management of rural households in such a way that all families can live in prosperity and with dignity.
  • To develop Community Based Disaster Mitigation-Risk Reduction in affected areas.
  • To enable and ensure the basic rights of marginalized & PWDs through entitlement realization.
  • To increase awareness and facilitate attitudinal and behavioral changes in the areas of health, Safe drinking water, sanitation, and Hygiene so that health risks are reduced.
  • To promote Traditional /Alternative health care systems.
  • To develop community-based Disaster Mitigation/Risk Reduction in Hazard prone areas of Bihar
  • To work on School Safety Programs for Integrated DRR actions
  • To improve Ecological balance to protect environment
  • To re-establish village self-reliance
  • To ensure that the entire above are achieved with gender sensitivity/equity through building & strengthening local people's institutions, working with Panchayats, networking with Govt. and non-governmental institutions and strategic partnerships with other resource institution.