Disaster Response & DRR

GPSVS Climate Change Induced Disaster Risk Reduction initiatives is a holistic approach to mitigating climate change-induced disasters, focusing on preparedness, response, recovery, rehabilitation, EWS, capacity building, and training. By empowering local communities to be proactive and resilient in the face of climate-related threats, it contributes significantly to building a safer and more sustainable future. GPSVS has established Community Based Early Warning System to alert communities about impending disasters, ensuring they can take preventive actions and save lives. GPSVS provides valuable training to both Community Disaster Management Committees and School Disaster Management Committees, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to respond effectively and lead their communities in times of crisis and disasters.

Key Activities

  • Emergency Relief & Rehabilitation
  • Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction actions
  • School Safety Program through SDMC (School Disaster Mitigation/Mgt. Committee)
  • Health (Human & Cattle) camps
  • Community Capacity Building activities through Traditional mechanism of coping with floods
  • Promotion of water friendly and sand-based crops
  • Recovery & Rehabilitation Programme for flood victims
  • Development of IEC materials on Disaster Preparedness and Entitlement Benefits for the affected people
  • Women and Children focused activities pre, during & post disaster
  • Promotion of early warning system through trans-boundary citizen forum
  • Women Led Climate Change Induced Disaster Risk Reduction