Promotion of Social and Agro Forestry through Tree Plantation Drive

Tree plantation plays a crucial role in North Bihar, as well as in any other region, for several reasons including improving the environment, health and livelihoods, and disaster risk reduction. The importance of tree plantation in North Bihar cannot be overstated. It plays a pivotal role in mitigating environmental degradation, improving public health, and fostering sustainable livelihoods. By conserving biodiversity, tree plantation contributes to a healthier and more resilient environment. The state government of Bihar has recognized the importance of tree plantation in promoting environmental sustainability, addressing climate change, and improving the overall quality of life for its residents. Efforts have been made to increase the green coverage in Madhubani and other regions of Bihar through various initiatives and programs. Bihar government has been actively promoting tree plantation drives, such as the \"Jal Jeevan Hariyali Mission,\" which aims to increase the state\'s green cover. Under this mission, the government encourages citizens, organizations, and educational institutions to actively participate in planting trees and protecting. The state government has collaborated with various organizations and NGOs to implement tree plantation campaigns, awareness programs, and workshops to educate people about the significance of greenery and the benefits of planting trees. The state government has decided to plant more than five crore saplings in the financial year (2021-22) with an aim to increase Bihar’s green cover to 17% from the existing 15%.


      Environmental Conservation: The primary objective is to promote environmental conservation and biodiversity enhancement through the plantation of   trees. This initiative targets areas in North Bihar that are susceptible to multiple hazards like floods, drought, Soil erosion, and other ecological imbalances.      

      Socio-economic Development: The project intends to bring about socio-economic development by engaging local communities in tree planting activities. This involvement fosters a sense of ownership among locals, creating livelihood opportunities through agroforestry and empowering communities to manage their natural resources better.

Hazard Mitigation: Tree plantation acts as Climate Change Induced Disasters such as soil erosion, flooding, drought heat wave. The aim is to mitigate these risks and enhance the resilience of the region to withstand environmental adversities.