Low Cost Water Purification Method - Matka Filter

In the Matka filter, three pots are used. Placed on one another, the above pot, with a lid, is filled with the water. Through the hole at the bottom of this pot, the water moves to the middle pot, this has layers of filtering materials: charcoal, bricks particle, nylon mesh and sand. After passing through each layer, the water is filtered and collected in the lowest pot with a tap. Matka Filter body constructs with clay, fine sand, and hay or saw dust materials. The filtration component is constituted of three layers, each separated by a nylon mesh. A nylon mesh is placed inside the middle pot and two-inch layer of fine sand is spread on it. The sand before being placed on the mesh is washed to remove clay. Another nylon mesh is placed on the sand layer and two-inch layer of wood charcoal is placed over it and the mesh is tied and two-inch-thick layer of brick bat is spread on top and a similar approach is adopted with the mesh. The filtration medium is finally covered with a nylon mesh. This completes the filtration section of the Matka Filter.